March 13, 2012

March 11, 2012 (treatment day 6)

Estrogen level: 1473
Medications: In the evening, 150 IU Menopur, 1 prefilled syringe of Ganirelix
Follicle number and size: too many to count, 11- 14 mm

So apparently, I have to go into another appointment today as well.  I borrow my mother’s car (gosh, I’m so sorry mom, I didn’t expect this) and drive myself to Rockville. 

Estrogen is 1473, with a good follicle growth and good lining.  There are so many eggs that the nurses don’t bother counting them anymore.  Each follicle grew to 11 – 14 mm.

But I have to tell you: I am feeling super emotional, had a big long-distance blow up with my boyfriend the night before, feel very tired (though that could be due to the worry and early morning wake ups) and am starting to feel some cramping.

I am panicking a bit because I have to start taking Ganirelix but I only have 3 doses at home.  Oh no!  Will I be able to order the other 3 from Freedom Pharmacy on time?  The nurse calls in emergency doses at a special pharmacy that I can pick up after my appointment.  And miracle!  The pharmacist DONATES those three doses to me and saves me $317!!!

That night, exhausted and emotional, I cry on my roommate shoulder.  Thankfully, I’m totally normal and am almost a little over excessively cheerful at work.

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