March 13, 2012

March 12, 2012 (treatment day 7)

Estrogen level: 1961
Medications: 1 prefilled syringue of Ganirelix in the morning, 150 IU Menopur in the evening
Follicle number and size: too many to count, 11- 19 mm

The doctor’s office called me in the evening to ask me to come into the DC office in the morning.  But the receptionist was off on Sunday, so I could only leave a message.  I decide nonetheless to come in early this morning to get my blood work and ultrasound.  I doubt they’ll refuse to test me… 

At this point, I’m able to manage my panic attacks and start taking this whole process more in stride.

The medical office is packed – I’ve never seen that many people there before.  It’s like a factory: they call someone’s name, she get her blood drawn up, gets an ultrasound, and is given a piece of paper to bring to the front desk to be dispensed.  Wow, a real windmill.

My arms are starting to look like track work, and I alternate the draw to the arm that has fewer red welts on it.

Today, the ultrasound is very uncomfortable and I let the nurse know.  She says “that’s kind of normal.  At this stage, your two ovaries which are usually the size of almonds are now the size of grapefruits”.  So the rest of the day, I imagine large, squishy/soft grapefruits on either side of my bellybutton just jiggling as I walk around, lie down, put the laptop on my lap…  And I feel infinitely more uncomfortable with the image and the cramping feeling.

Before I leave the office, I just assume I’ll have another appointment the next day and make an appointment with the front desk automatically. 

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