July 14, 2004

Brisbane is cooler than you


Brisbane is one of the more built up cities that we've been to so far. Although I loved the parks, botanical gardens, animal sancturies bla bla bla, I was in need of serious retail shopping. There were lots of clothing stores and natural yogurt aromatherapy soap stores. I felt very self-conscious because the girls were all wearing black, very tall and skinny. In comparison, I felt rather dumpy and uncool with my bright, green T-shirt and tennis shoes. It's a wonder the men even looked at me. But they did, I swear! They either thought I was gorgeous or just shook their heads feeling very sad for me.

I could live here but I would definitely develop an eating disorder, physical complex and shopping addiction. Would that be so bad now?

We lazed around in the Botanical Gardens for a couple hundred hours and..surprise! there was the Queensland University of Technology right next to it. We picked up Sharlene who is currently studying there...or pretending to at least. I mean who could ever study in a place like that! It's Gorrrr-geous. I'm thinking about going back to school now.



Anonymous said...

Ho Ho! Go back to school? Watch out Doro, mum and Dad haven't read this yet. I'd be running when they do ;)

007 in Africa said...

Ya, I realize I'm in trouble. I'm hoping that they say "it's cute dear, loved the blog" without actually having read it. They do that quite quite a lot. With my thesis actually.