July 14, 2004

Surfer's Paradise


Can you believe there's actually a place called Surfer's Paradise?! I would call it Dorothee's Paradise: shopping, tanned men, beaches and mountains. The place would not be known except that it has meter maids-these are hot 18-year-old girls in gold bikinis that feed meters of cars that ran out of time. I swear this is true! Of course, Ammo had to approach them for a picture. I was mortified.

We went to the mountains and saw all that you expect to see in a nice mountainous region. On the drive there, Sharlene and I started reminiscing about our times in Japan and Ammo now has a little too much information about my past life. He is under oath not to repeat anything so don't even try to pry it out of him. We had yummy fudge and traditional meat pies in the mountain. How quaint!



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't remember anything about an oath... The information will be provided to the highest bidder. Call 202 356 7643. (and those meter maids, wow they were hotties!)