July 22, 2004

The Town Stuck in the Sixties


We stopped over in a little town named Byron Bay. As soon as we stepped into the center, I had a weird sense of deja-vu and looked around quizzically. This place is so strange... In 15 mins of eating my breakfast on a cafe's terrace I saw two girls in tight spandex carrying their yoga mats, three men with large dreads and loose fitting navy clothing, teenagers with long underarm hair and various facial piercings, a mother carrying her child in an African-style cloth sling and an older man selling home-made incense in the street. At least 30% percent of the stores' merchandise included multi-colored tie-dye designs, marijuana leaves, items made of Tibetan wool/Australian seed casings or Buddha themes.

I saw Dolphins by Byron's Bay lighthouse. It embarrassing how easy it is to spot wildlife here. I'm starting to suspect that the Australian governments has people dress in animal suits to jump around in densely populated areas to entertain the tourists.


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